The Morristown Green's Usage Policy

Special use of the Green requires a application for usage submitted 60 days in advance.   
Kindly fill in the form and your request will be considered.  

Usage Policy

Important Update - 


The Trustees of the  Morristown  Green are dedicated to the preservation  and  good repair of the Morristown  Green   and  its   availability   to,  firstly,   individual   members   of  the  public  and, secondarily,  to limited special  events operated  by  non-profit  entities subject to the preservation and good repair of the Green.

Recently,  preservation  and  good  repair  of  the  Green  has  been  significantly  challenged  
by the number and intensity of special events:   As a result, the Trustees of the Morristown Green 
have authorized  its leaders  to  communicate  its  intent to establish,  initially for calendar  
year 2019, a moratorium upon special events utilizing the Green.   An exception  to this moratorium 
 shall  be those  entities  or  uses  on the  Green  within  recent  years,  with respect  to  
which  there  has  been either no or little damage to the Green or an appropriate response by the 
sponsoring entity.





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